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Holistic Wisdom 

The wisdom from a multitude of ancient traditions, each from a different point of origin and each reflecting the original and connected holistic relationship humans had with the Earth, Nature and the Cosmos, is accessed to create the Archetypal Profiles

This represents utilization of all human knowledge pathways (thinking/analyzing, sensing, feeling and intuiting). The Ancients understood the organizing principles of Nature, and the fractal reality of the earth to the cosmos: that everything is a microcosm to a macrocosm.

Like they understood themselves as part and co-participant of the Whole, you contain this same wisdom. It is your original understanding of Life and of the human condition.

Additionally, the power of Story in relaying the meaning of The Web of Life, and everything within it, was recognized as profound. Story impacts with immense depth, with its roots threading deep back into space-time and holding archetypal knowledge of living forms, patterns, cycles and processes. 

The myths, tales, and archetypes embedded in cultures throughout the ages have been etched into our psyche due to the inherent power of Story (like all of Nature, it is also alive), and because these meanings were intuited by the Ancients to reflect the greater truths of the greater Whole of the cosmos. The fractal reality of one story reflecting and within another, and another, and another – this was clearly understood.

Let’s look at the I Ching, the ancient Chinese “Book of Changes” and its relationship to the geometric building block of life: the star tetrahedron.

From Wikipedia: “The text of the I Ching is a set of oracular statements represented by 64 sets of six lines each called hexagrams (卦 guà). Each hexagram is a figure composed of six stacked horizontal lines (爻 yáo), each line is either Yang (an unbroken, or solid line), or Yin (broken, an open line with a gap in the center). With six such lines stacked from bottom to top there are 2⁶ or 64 possible combinations, and thus 64 hexagrams represented. The solid line represents yang, the creative principle. The open line represents yin, the receptive principle.”

Nassim Haramein looked at the hexigrams of the I Ching and analyzed the simple geometry represented by the lines, taking their meaning more as literal geometric information and less as symbolic.

If you want to build the geometry of the structure of the space that is everywhere in the universe on all scales (an infinite tetrahedral array), you begin with the first octave of what becomes an infinite fractal division of the space in a perfectly balance state: a set of 64 tetrahedrons. At 64 tetrahedrons you have what Buckminster Fuller called the “vector equilibrium” also called the cube octahedron (8 tetrahedrons pointing inward) inside a second cube octahedron that is twice as large made of a total of 64 tetrahedrons: an octave.

To get to 64 tetrahedrons you bring together 8 star tetrahedrons. Each star tetrahedron is made from a tetrahedron pointing up and another polarized pointing downward creating what is also commonly known as a mercaba.

Haramein noticed the only “3D” geometry you can make with 6 solid lines is a tetrahedron and in order to make the second tetrahedron of a star tetrahedron you would need 6 broken lines to pass through the solid lines of the first tetrahedron. Nassim decoded the I Ching by showing how 6 solid lines and 6 broken lines are both the building blocks of the I Ching and that of a star tetrahedron.

Thus, the I Ching encodes the most fundamental geometric information you need to build the geometry of the universe.”



Brief elaborations on the wisdom traditions accessed and utilized to create The Archetypal Profiles are below.

Whether the geomancy divination of Africa, the Druid observances of trees and earth cycles, the numerology of Pythagoras, or the astrology traditions from East to West that chart patterns and relationships, Nature-Cosmos has always been the storyteller, the gateway, and the accurate informer.


African Geomancy

Although the history is unspecific on the exact place of origination (there were likely many), the deep understanding of meaning and subsequent use of Nature by peoples throughout Africa to bring understanding to life’s patterns and archetypes is very ancient. This system of geomancy is known to originate – at least – 5000 years ago, but likely much earlier.

The geomancy here reflects a method of divination which interprets the patterns formed from tossed natural elements such as sticks, bones, stones and dirt.

This is known as geomancy, in Greek meaning “foresight by earth”.


Celtic Tree Archetype

Celtic Astrology was created around 1000 B.C. by the Druids, the priestly class within Celtic societies; however, the breadth and profundity of this ancient system was held in oral tradition, so the age of the originating roots may be far older. Celtic Astrology is based on Nature-Cosmos observations and reflective of 3 basic strands of belief: remembrance of ancestors and the past; understanding and observance of nature; exploration of the connection between material reality and the spiritual realm. 

In Celtic Astrology, the zodiac is based on trees which were held sacred. The observations of human characteristics were observed and linked with (birth) times of year which were connected to characteristics of certain wisdom-keeper trees and their association with months of the year. This was connected through the use of the Celtic alphabet: 13 of the consonants form the calendar of seasonal magic in this tradition. (Note how points of time, qualities, numbers, nature, and humans are connected. You will see this again and again in ancient wisdom traditions.)


Chinese Astrology

With records from 2677 B.C., Chinese Astrology is another of the world’s oldest Nature-Cosmos connection and assessment systems.

Based on the lunar (verses solar) year, the storied and myth-steeped animals of the Chinese Zodiac (who dined with the Buddha) combine with elements – fire, earth, metal, water, air – to identify you. The five material agents in Chinese Astrology –  wood, fire, earth, metal, water – are grouped in the order by which they produce one another or by their progression of change, and provide a deep understanding of inner being and the cosmic web. The animals and elements, reflective of archetypal imprints, explain everything in the universe according to the Chinese.


Egyptian Astrology

Ancient Egyptians understood the higher order that the cosmos reflected for life on earth. To the Zodiac, which is thought to have originated in Babylonia (and potentially Sumerian civilizations) and then migrated to Greece and then to Egypt, the Egyptians applied the meaningful symbolism of their own god/desses to reflect the greater archetypal qualities being communicated.


Human Design System

The Human Design System is a science of differentiation, a highly detailed “mechanical” mapping system that intricately merges the traditions of Astrology, the Kabbalah, the I Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, neutrinos, and quantum physics.This system was received by Alan Krakower, known as Ra Uru Hu, during an 8-day revelatory experience in 1987.

In the Alchemic Profile, the focus is on your Auric type: this is the inherent inborn functionality, the “strategy” of being or energetic operating system that you embody at your core. Knowing your energy type is key to surrendering and trusting your personal Life Process. The merging of science and ancient wisdom, fundamental to this system, speaks to the essential science-spirit unity of Life. There is no duality. It is a false Story. This will become more evident after delving in and learning about Yourself as a whole.


Kabbalistic Astrology

Kabbalistic Astrology is based upon the Hebrew Kabbalah and the Sepher Yetzirah (the “Book of Formation” – the oldest book of Kabbalah) as well as the Etz Haim (the “Tree of Life”).  

It is said the Tree of Life is the best instrument to understand a person, a situation or a reality. The Tree is made of 10 Sephiroth (Powers of the Soul) which are then connected by 22 paths. Similar to the Celtic and Arabic systems connecting Nature to language, these paths are directly reflected in the 22 letters (primeval vibrations) of the Hebrew alphabet.


Mayan Galactic Signature

Ancient Mayans believed that our DNA was pre-coded on an energetic and cellular level, and that this was reflective of the larger patterns and cycles of the universe.

The Mayan Galactic Signature combines the 20 Mayan Zodiac “glyphs” (signs, which symbolize energy frequencies of the day of our birth) and an overlay of 13 “tones” (numbers, which carry an ongoing energetic influence). It is this combination which helps enable understanding and intensification of our lives and evolutionary environments. According to the Mayans, understanding the energies and imprinting of our birth allows the seeing of  existent larger patterns and cycles. This allows synchronicity and balance within life and the universe.


Native American Animal Archetype

Believing we are assigned an animal at our birth, many cultures in the Americas use an Animal Zodiac to identify and translate distinct qualities that would be inherent in the life path. Like other traditions, it is the archetypal qualities observed in Nature, in this case animals, that become a reflection of definitive cycles in the human experience.



The Pythagorean system of numerology, originated by Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, and with written records from around 500 B.C., recognized the pattern of cosmic order and its actualization within the human psyche. It is this tradition, along with the Life-Purpose System developed by Dan Millman, which also has roots in the Pythagorean system, that is utilized to create the Alchemic Profiles. In Numerology, every number is understood to be a distinct reflection – a symbolic and energetic expression – of universal organizing principles.


Tarot Archetypal System

Tarot is the story of life. It is profound, and it is ancient.

The channelled messages from “Ra” in 1981 by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty (known as the “Ra Materials” and “The Law of One”), spoke to the profundity and foundational role of Story and Archetype in living systems / the web of life / the evolution of consciousness. The archetypes of the Tarot were originally developed as “teaching” tools for Self-evolution.  The originations of this system link to civilizations at least as far back as Sumeria.  Tarot, known as “trionfi”, became well known in Europe during the Middle Ages around the 1400s.

The Tarot as a whole represents the cycle of life, a learning cycle, the process of evolution. Each of the 22 major arcana cards is a micro-story, a part of life’s Whole: each which is recognizable and deeply embedded in the human experience. According to Ra, the purpose of its development was to create a foundation of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Archetypes 1-7 of the major arcana represent the Mind cycle, archetypes 8-14 represent the Physical cycle, and archetypes 15-21 represent the Spiritual cycle. The 22nd archetype, The Fool, 0, is free will. Choice.

In today’s reality of disconnection (from Nature, from Self, from Other, from the Whole), these archetypes function well beyond teacher and the “how” as now they simply function to remind us of the essential “what”. They are reconnecting us to that which we have forgotten: the ancient archetypal roots of Mind. 

Your breath of life encodes you. When adding your individual birth numbers together and reducing them, your archetypal encoding from the Tarot is attained. The lowest numerical reduction represents your core encoding from the Tarot’s 22 major arcana archetypes. To bring additional information to the fore, your birth numbers have also been added in such a way as to bring forward one or more additional Tarot archetypes which also reside within you. This birth card assessment is an intuited application developed by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone. (Note the connection to your Numerology number and life path.) This application provides a Tarot card pair (or trine), and subsequently an emergent field of energy that arises through the deeply embedded archetypal stories of the combined cards. This “field” is complex and is a distinct story encoded as part of your Soul Print.


Western Astrology

Western Astrology, with roots far back to Babylonia and  historically based on Ptolemy’s work, the “Tetrabiblos”, from the 2nd century, has been practiced for thousands of years in Arabia and Europe.

The Western system uses the “tropical” ecliptic coordinate system, and thus the constellations are based on the path of the sun as seen from Earth. The position of the sun at the time of birth along with its house position, is brought forward in The Alchemic Profile, as is the North Node of the moon and its house position. The moon’s nodal points (the intersection points of the moon’s path as it crosses the ecliptic) at the time of our birth hold an important key for our soul print’s story as they represent our imprinted trajectory – the growth edge – of this journey.