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“Creative, interesting, detailed, expanding and multidimensional.” – Viewer K.D.
“These are the most intense readings. I love your modality, Erin. Thank you.” – Viewer J.A.
“Utterly perfect, beyond comprehension! A visual expression of some very deep root clearing that is allowing new space to emerge.” – Viewer H.C.
“Erin, you’re amazing! I don’t know anyone who can do what you do. Where did you learn how to do this?” – Viewer T.R.L.
“Beautiful, genuine, divine and so so accurate. Thank You So Much.” – Viewer C.S.
“This was really insightful and meaningful. Thank you.” – Viewer S.S.


Holism is a rich and complex topic yet deeply simple and foundationally resonant. Holistic Science reflects both the topic of holism itself as well as the method through which to know it. Here, Biologist Elisabet Sahtouris encapsulates some of the holistic fundamentals of living systems as evidenced through biology. More clarifications on our holistic story to follow.


“There is geometry in the humming of the strings … there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” said Pythagoras. Here is a small glimpse into the wondrous numerological pattern of Nature.


“…because happiness is the truth.” In their natural state, all living systems are diversely abundant, expansive, free, expressive, emergent, creative, curious, playful and….HAPPY. Interdependence is lived and cooperation is matured. Enjoy nature here as she thrives in her natural state.


This is one of the best most concise pieces on the topic of women I’ve seen to date. And, with Louis C.K.’s brilliant humor to land – with perfection – the insanity that exists. Read the full blog post at 


This is an introduction to the immaterial half of your Whole: the encoded archetypal Self. In the second part, information is shared about The Alchemic Profile as a tool to uncover and understand the imprintings of your Soul Print.


When operating according to your holistic nature, allowing all natural functioning to flow, you are powerful beyond measure. You become an alchemist of infinite potential. This is a time like no other. Now is your time.


Just feel.


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