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The alchemy of holism refers to the emergent properties and processes which arise when living systems operate wholly.

In Nature. In You.

The alchemy of holism refers also to the alchemical way by which life imbues and uses “story” (archetypes, symbols, myths, fairytales, stories) to express qualitative function and evolve.

In Nature. In You. 




The earth is transforming and so are we. All about the web of life, this portal delves into the principles that underlie all living systems: this includes us.

When we align with these natural laws, life flows.

We are also distinct individuals, existing to live a unique theme and expand that facet of consciousness.  

We are LIKE everything because we operate by the same organizing principles, and we are UNLIKE everything else in that we are distinct. When aligned with both, we become alchemists.

This is what is known as “unity in diversity”: the Whole in every part, yet many diverse parts all reflecting aspects of the Whole. 



  • Life operates coherently.
  • Life is “both-and”: the Whole and the Part.
  • Whole functioning = Whole health.
  • Whole functioning = Whole power.
  • The health of any Whole depends on each part being its “wholeness”. Reduction or denial that limits natural whole functioning (seeing, perceiving, thinking, acknowledging, responding, acting, creating, moving, changing, and any aspect of Being) inherently is/becomes a toxic Whole.
  • Your Whole Self is literally necessary for the world. 

The teachings here in delve into: 1) the relationships between individual parts that affect the emergent whole,  2) “diversity in unity” (each of us as distinct individuals enmeshed in and serving The Whole), 3) the creative dynamic way by which life and consciousness evolve, and 4) the meaning of it all.

Myths, tales, and archetypes (forms, patterns and cycles) throughout millennia were intuited by the ancients from disparate cultures around the world. Same stories but different origination points – how is this possible?  These stories have perpetuated, becoming further etched into our psyche – or rather, further reminding us to the stories, forms, patterns and cycles present within nature at every fractal iteration.

This was a seed that formed over many years. It became activated in October 2010 to later germinate in March and blossom that June. The process continues to unfold, enliven, emerge, and utterly delight.

The Alchemy of Holism is about the web of living systems and the organizational principles that underlie all of them. Assisting to unveil what is seeded within you,  The Services provide information about the profound reality of your personal story and your obligation to actualize it.

You are a distinct manifestation, necessary for Life as a whole.

Holistic science of the soul, this site and its unique services foster your personal transformation for our collective evolution as this is all about becoming and being our authentic Whole.


This portal is about the alchemic nature of Nature, the alchemic nature of you, and the extraordinary pure potentiality dynamic that occurs when both are intersected in the lived experience. Here is where science meets esotericism and whimsy meets sobriety: the mythical, magical, and very real “in-between”.



I’m Erin. That’s me there at the counter. A holistic educator, coach and catalyst, I’m a lifelong alchemist of Self who has long seen the human evolutonary trajectory and now brings forward the holistic science of natural systems to foster soul clarity and growth. My passions are Connection, Transformation and Emergence, which become enlivened inside the soil of myth and manifestation. I am here to help you 1) get real, 2) get clear, 3) get aligned, 4) heal so that joy and bliss can flow as it is intended, and 5) germinate the infinite potential of your power. Thus, it is my supreme pleasure to provide unique services that act to unveil your core truth, discover your natural “operating system”, and align you with your soul’s evolution.

This passion has been (and continues to be) served in multiple ways with studies in Psychology (bachelors, hons) and, subsequently, Holistic Science (masters, hons) at the incredible Schumacher College. Multiple additional studies, travels and workshops have coincided over the years, predominantly involving body healing, psyche-mind healing, energy studies, divination, consciousness and evolution, and human potential.

Nature has taught me many things. Trees, animals, water, wind – these have all taught me to see dimensions of information and meaning within every holon of every living system. This can be seen now because I became open to be able to see nature presenting it to me. In other words, it is there to be seen once we have eyes to see it. Once my eyes were opened, there was no turning back. Simple understandings about the complexity of life (that all is inextricably interrelated, ripe with coordinated meaning, intelligent, highly creative, storied, exceedingly joyful, and manifests through belief and participation) are all here for you so that you may also see with fresh eyes. Once this happens, life will open itself to you in ways previously unimagined.

My hope is to provide you with highly relevant knowledge that will catalyze your life’s journey in delicious and profound ways.


“What a wonderful idea!!!! Amazing! Incredible! . . .You are a fabulous cauldron of magical creativity and evolutionary thought process! I love what you are doing and what you intend to do!”

– Shama Viola, Damanhur



Alchemy is a tradition originating from antiquity, with most tracing its beginnings to Hermes Trismegistus (who lived sometime between 172 BCE and 141 CE). The word itself stems from “Al-Khemet”: “Khemet” is the ancient Arabic name for Egypt, meaning “the Black Land”, so the full translation is “From The Black Land”). Alchemy remained an active and passionate scientific pursuit for many centuries and has remained firmly rooted in our collective psyche since. In recent years, alchemy has become definitively and outwardly activated again. It is re-emerging to the forefront of our perceptions.

Alchemy is about transmutation and transformation. The alchemists’ goal was not so much to transform a “lesser” metal into gold, but rather to transmute themselves at the core from lesser to greater.

At its root, alchemy is the perfection of “materia prima” (true matter, the formless base of all matter) to “materia ultima” (the reborn perfected matter achieved through the alchemic process), which in alchemic circles was understood to be less about metals and secretly about the Self, the Soul, our Consciousness: it was this that was the real ‘lead to be transmuted into gold’…Transmutation of the Self was the underlying motivation and goal for alchemists.

Mythology and archetype historian and author Patrick Harpur explains that this true matter, this ‘secret fire’, is the essential ingredient for the Philosophers’ Stone, a “stone that is no stone”. The secret is, according to Harpur, “a way of seeing”. This transmutation of perception lies at the root of the evolution of the Self. It is the root of alchemy.


“For alchemy, being a science of meanings, is the science of qualities: a visionary complex wherein art, science, religion mingle and no one level of consciousness is expanded at the expense of the others.” – Theodore Roszak


The path leading here has been wondrous. A multi-faceted set of life experiences including a long career in store design and architecture, studies in energy and body healing, various self-investigatory journeys delving into the esoteric, and highly transformative psychology and holistic science studies, created this emergence. Seemingly diverse, these life events were the perfect unfolding and, through a numinous process (details can be read here), the layered learnings have fostered astounding insights.

Now living my Soul Print wholly and mindfully, the deep desire is to foster this experience in You by sharing information about living systems, holistic wisdom, and your Soul Print.



The graphic elements throughout this website, as well as those used for the Alchemic Profiles, are ripe with symbolism, even seemingly minor aspects and nonspecific placements. All tell a story feeding back into what is being communicated here. Some may be obvious and others less so. However amidst the whimsy, every element, carefully chosen and created, contains and translates deep archetypal significance.



Through the massive oak trees, the moon’s light caresses and shines onto the magic unfolding within the den. The alchemist’s athanor and books rest in satisfied wait for the inevitable next wave of activity, while the white ravens delight at the illuminating transmutation of the Phoenix before them. (Of course delighted! After all, they are fresh from being transmuted themselves!). This, all happening in front of Joseph Wright’s 1771 painting “The Alchymist in Search of the Philosopher’s Stone”…

The layers of time, of Nature-Science, of inner-outer, of emergence (magic) by way of allowance of both/all, are all at play here…and indeed! – the complex holism of Life is inherently always in joyful, blissful, trickster-riddled and highly whimsical play.

Ah! Now the question becomes, ‘do you want to play?’…your Soul Print awaits your reply. 


G   R   A   T   I   T   U   D   E

Thank you to these inspirational and blissful teachers:
Satish Kumar, Brian Goodwin, Shama Viola, Sadhguru, Panache Desai, Brian Swimme, Joseph Campbell, Joanna Macy, Arne Naess, Andy Goldsworthy, Fritjof Capra, Stephan Harding, Lena & Jose Stevens, Pat Liles, David Rothenberg, Elisabet Sahtouris, Peter Russell, Vandana Shiva, Gideon Kossoff, Terry Irwin, Jan Van Boeckel, Tchenka Sunderland, Betty Bethards, Thomas Berry, David Abram, Craig Holdrege, Bruce Lipman, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Jo Dunning, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Ra Uru Hu, Louise Hay, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Gangaji, Patrick Harpur, David Wilcock, Falco, Annabel, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Terry Patten, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Lincoln Gergar, Richard Tarnas, John Croft, Riane Eisler, Drew Dellinger, Rupert Spira, Nassim Haramein, Bob Randall, Pema Chodron, Ram Dass, Paulo Coehlo, Jyoti, The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grand-mothers, and the whole of the Schumacher College experience.

Thank you, Carol Allen, for being the spark that aligned with fertile timing and conditions to ignite an evolutionary thread.

Thank you, Ludo, for the example to inspire a resonant and richly storied web-home.

Thank you, Shama, for the Bral Talej, your magic and bliss, your encouragement, and your example of an ignited Soul Print.

Thank youAthenaeum and owner Jamie Simpson, for your unprecedented customer service and thorough company ethics.


“Wow.  Beautiful work, and so intricate and complex.  I’m sure you are going to draw a lot of inquiring minds into new pathways of learning and discovery. Excellent!  And may you be showered with energy and grace!”

– Cosmologist Brian Swimme


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