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“Wow. Beautiful work, and so intricate and complex. I’m sure you are going to draw a lot of inquiring minds into new pathways of learning and discovery. Excellent! And may you be showered with energy and grace!”

Brian Swimme, Cosmologist, Author of Journey of the Universe

“What a wonderful idea!!!! Amazing! Incredible! . . .You are a fabulous cauldron of magical creativity and evolutionary thought process! I love what you are doing and what you intend to do!”

Shama Viola, Creator of the Bral Talej, Damanhur Ambassador



“Just Wow I’m full of joy…thank you Erin thank you! If it weren’t for all your support and guidance through the past 8 months in allowing and being vulnerable , I don’t know if today I would have been so radically awakened! Feeling blessed to have you as my soul coach.” – ES, Client


“If you are looking for someone who is honest, sincere, down to earth, looking to help YOU GROW!  You definitely need to work with Erin!  Not only are her spreads out YouTube accurate and have helped me in ways she doesn’t even know, as a soul coach she has helped me tremendously in my evolutionary journey!  She always make you feel okay with where you are at and empowers you to become a better version than you were before without allow self deprecation or self judgment as to where you are at.  Erin is so on point, real, true, connected to the wisdom of her Higher Self and it seems mine when we communicate!  Before I started working with Erin had wanted to work with her for months and was finally able to connect.  Felt a connection even before our verbal & visual connection. Truly an inspiring, uplifting, powerfully empowering soul!  We as humanity are blessed to have your gifts to share with all of us.  Highly recommend her services!  If and when you are able to connect you will NOT regret it!! I could go on and on…”Patty, Client


“I recently connected with Erin to find out my Symbology and Archetype reports and my life is forever changed! Thanks to Erin’s loving support and guidance not only did I discover my true essence, I was able to dive into my deepest core issue and start the healing process. A MAY ZING!!!  The monthly scopes are incredibly accurate and beautifully crafted. I sincerely invite you to tap into Erin’s world of Alchemy and experience an awakening that will bring you home. Erin, once again, soul to soul, thank you for stepping forward along my path!!”  – Cassie, Client


“Everything and everyone is placed on your path for a reason, you may or may not know at the time of connection, but eventually the answers will come to you. Erin is one who was placed on my path, appearing as though I’ve know her before. We connected, and communicated during a time where I was confused about who I am and what I was suppose to be doing on this earth, as I raise two children. Through her gift of insight and intuitive guidance, my soul started to rise to its greatest self. Her work alone is more than just “get a reading.” It is the work of a “Alchemist.” During our sessions, I felt the love emanate through her words as she spoke  to me. I am grateful for the guidance that I have received, and honored to have received such a gift of clarity from Erin.” – Patrice, Client


“It’s been 7 months since we’ve connected over Skype and I must say what a journey of self-discovery although I’m stubborn at times. All your teachings have been seeded within my psyche and when ripe/ready will be released out in the world. My perceptions of others, myself and the universe has changed gradually over the course of our interactions. I’m grateful to have you as a soul coach and looking forward to the unfolding Story of my soul’s path in 2016.”  – Elie, Client


“Your soul profile service has been invaluable to me.  You taught me how to look at my challenges from a different healthier perspective. Your connection to spirit is incredible. I gained much clarity from our appointment.  Thank you all the work you do.”Katie, Client


“I have been a private client since May of 2015. I have had  three separate SKYPE sessions that have given great insight into, myself. I feel empowered in this awakening journey with her involvement!  Erin provides a wide net of services. I commissioned my Symbolic Profile, Archetypal Profile and the Natal Chart and all has put a light on my purposeful driven path. Erin is committed to assisting me in my expansion. I so appreciate knowing that I am supported by Erin and her website The Alchemy of Holism. I also appreciate her direct caring style of communication… I consider Erin to be one of my Life Coaches. I suspect I will be walking on this journey holding onto her loving guidances for sometime.” – Donna, Client


“So much love and light to you beautiful soul!  Thank you for being part of my journey! :)” – Patty, Client




“…Your work is profound and so amazingly creative and authoritative. I thank you for the work you do. You have been a guiding light and today it was like a lightning bolt hit me. Thank you so much!” – KP,  Viewer


“…so beautiful. Love the message, your clarity and compassion. I feel revved up already and know that it comes from a good place. You’re right as you say early on how many are disengaged due to the times, economic hardships, that these times are unique and often marred in regrets. And your remarks where nothing is accidental and everything needs to be viewed for its worth because not unlike nature, this is a natural order meant to be acknowledged, a lesson learned! Thank you for your effort, energy and time.”


“Very powerful, vibrant …It’s all about moving forward! Amazing!! Thank you!” GF, Client


“Today has been a beautiful day. I woke up in a storm of negative emotions. I accepted them and spoke to them. I found a way to allow the love I know is around me to seep in through the cracks of my hard shell of low vibrations. I noticed the opportunity to then turn inside for more love. There was a butterfly who landed on my shirt as I released more and it simply sat with me. So I committed to my journey back to a high vibration not ignoring my situation but being grateful for the awareness of the opportunity of growth given to me this morning. I revisited my Cancer Scope, which was a blessing… I revisited the talk on the Abundance of Love… what a blessing… and I just finished this video. I have listened to the Cancer Scope for May 3 times and it seems as if my awareness has evolved to hear deeper each time. Hearing the Love video again, I felt as if I have an entire new set of ears! The most joyful knowing after experiencing today is that the opening in my heart is the key to the release of creative love energy that I sense is wanting to express itself. The information you have shared…. the wisdom and holistic understanding you have shared with the world is healing and is assuming is rightful position within my spirit with ease and synchronicity. I am aware of my completeness and full of gratitude for your gifts of love. I feel…. blissful. Sending good vibrations your way.” 


“Thank you so much for the most incredible, rich tapestry of symbols for my soul path.  Wow – this is a lot to take in!!!  I have quickly read over the archetypes and they are all fascinating. Thank you so much for these – I am so excited to delve deeper!  So far many things are resonating quite strongly!!!”


“Absolutely amazing! Thank you!” 


“Your reading was dead on according to what is currently apenning in my life!”


“Who are you? What you just posted is so clear and beautiful. I applaud your clarity. Just friggin beautiful. Love.”


“Utterly amazing! I’m speechless!”


“Truly a jewel…wow, I wish I would have found you sooner. Best in life to you, in every way, you are a rare find.  Thank you.”


“Awesome reading! Totally what’s happening for me right now! Thank you for your awesome energy!”


“Brilliant work! & beautiful! I bow to that. Thank you!”


“You are amazing…love the deck. So very straight forward and insightful. Impressed.”


“I LOVED this. it is right on..I was thrilled to see the cards coming up about sexuality and sensuality and even Pan!! In my current relationship..these have all been suppressed and it’s time for endings and new beginnings and to allow passion and sensuality to once again live which may well be with someone new as I continue to release all things toxic in my life including relationships and all things which no longer serve me…I very much enjoyed your reading..thank you!! :)”


“This is bang on. I am astounded.  Thank you so very much!”




“I am amazed to how “right on” you are.  I didn’t listen until mid-month and boy, you surprised me on how accurate you are.”


“You are a delight! Thank you for making me feel better about what has been happening! The grounding is essential… What a blessing to find you!”


“OMG!! Very good. Smart, beautiful , great personality , dynamic and quite articulate.  full of knowledge and wisdom and knows her Cards.  Full of fun and positive  purple energy … Thank you!!” 


“Love your readings Erin. Month after month I’m surprised that they speak to me in such an easy, graceful way. Be blessed Wise Woman…”


“This was really great. You gave me wonderful guidance just when I needed it most.”


“I think your wonderful! I just came upon your sight site and have to say I am so grateful. I needed that clarification and understanding and have been searching for it. I can see how things are changing and the right choices have to be made for the divine timing This has been very hard going in deep and letting go. Painful yet cleansing, I thank you! for your guidance and gifts of tools in continuing moving forward. I look forward to your PDF and next reading… Blessings:).”


“You are a delightful being, and authentic at it.”


“This is a very complex reading, nicely put together. The general (macro) message  is indeed timely and encouraging. The style of the dance was a perfect background during the of the archetype reading. Interesting inspirational energies and close interpretations in both readings, Event and Circumstance and the Ascended Master/artistic side being ready to be expressed. So right about trapped energy too. Thank you for the detailed description too. Wonderful reading.” 




“A delicious reading…”


“AWESOME! Reading! Looking forward to the next steps!! Thank you for all you do!”


“Namaste, with love 2U Erin! You nailed it Smile.”


“I can’t believe to myself that you have this kind of videos which is actually an answered prayer from the Divine. This is the first time I watched about your post , things really magical, tears pouring on my cheeks, after a long difficult journey on my part , longing for answers or even a hint what was really going on?, feeling of  emptiness, aloneness, finally day by day revelations unfold . God is really so kind and cared for me so much. Day by day, browsing on the internet for possible answers & hope , even just a little sign of change for what I am going through right now?. There is quite a big shift happening specially for my wholeness, realizing my own uniqueness and purpose in the life of my love ones and the people who were part of my purpose driven path. Thank you”


“Spot on for my situation! Again love what you do.)”


“Thank you for this.  So excited to have found you.  Your insights are incredible.  You are truly gifted and have a calling.”


“Thank you for this wonderful work. Very interesting reading indeed.”


“That was sooooo good thank you!!!”


“Thank you!  I only discovered your work last month and found myself anxious when your April videos hadn’t posted.  So glad all is well AND just wanted to share how much I deeply appreciate your work.  A LOT goes into these readings and I’m in awe of what you do.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  May you be blessed as you so richly bless others.”


“Thank you for this Erin. I have been watching these since January and enjoy your diverse tools and your wise insight <3”


“I have to say this reading was kinda scary.. because you were so spot on!  “Letting go of caution and stepping into play”….. I have been telling me this for months…. and YES, it is about a man and I need to take action and to stop being scared or fearful of rejection…. thank you!”


“Thanks so much for the truly resonant quality of your interpretation and forecast Erin”


“Spot on for me! I realized the other day that my moon sign had progressed from ARIES (natal moon) in 10th house – SAGITTARIUS in the 7th…FREEDOM in a relationship…LIFE PURPOSE vibe spot on again…Its coming from DEEP within and its a very interesting journey so far….thank you and so enjoy what you do.”


“Although I’ve never commented before, as alway, I’ve personally found your Alchemy Scopes to be very accurate and insightful.  Thank you for being of service during this time of great change and expansion!.”


“Spot on! Thank you!! :)”


“Thank you for clarity and confirmation…. beautiful work!”


“I can say it’s so accurate I gasped out loud.  Thanks.  :)”


“Thanks so much for such an awesome reading. It’s obvious that you do your homework and put a lot of time and energy into these readings. You’re beautiful inside and out and your soul shines bright. Blessings from Ohio/Hugs”


“Thank you infinitely for this alchemy scope, It is the most complete and inspiring guidance I have received since quite a while. Your are gifted and your spiritual self is beautiful. I made sure my twin sister saw your message as well. From a March 4th singer artist.”


“Oh My Shamani!  What an incredible reading for the month!  Thank you so very much, I received so much guidance and understanding from this reading.  Feeling clarity and on track now.”


“Bang on the money! Very thankful for discovering you today and looking forward to future reflections. Blessings to you xx”


“Thank you so much! Really resonated with me. Beautiful message!”


“Thank you so much for your wisdom. I can see your integrity and hear it in your tone. I am a new subscriber and will enjoy listening next month also. Thanks again….:)”




“Erin, I really enjoy your series. During February the North Node was on my ascendant point and although I often felt lonely and confused about my direction, I finally had an “aha moment” when everything that has been going on fell into perfect alignment. It was bliss because I realized I’m exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I should be doing. It felt so great and now I’m not stressing over all those old “shoulds” anymore. I released it all. Your description of all the turmoil we have been experiencing is fantastic!”


“I am speechless yet so moved at how much this has resonated with me and to how much of the content I connect with and have been intuiting over the past few weeks and even just earlier today. Thank you so much, this is very encouraging to me, more than I can express with words. : )”


“Pretty sure that this reading was exactly meant for me 😉 Every aspect! Thanks <3”


“Omg- YES!!!  Thank you for sharing this wisdom. “


“you’re awesome. thank you for your insight and motivating guidance.”


“What a fantastic presentation and so resonant with my path.”


“Your advice and effort you put into your messages is amazing! Thank you.”




“Oh dear! You are a God send you are a true Chanel and I’m so grateful to you for helping all the people may your guidance return to you ten times folded Love Eros”


“Thank u for the beautiful wonderful insight. I have started working on purging and cleansing on all levels to the best of my ability and I am willing to do the work profound reading that u brought forth thanks again many blessings to you Love.”


“This is so much more than just a couple more blessings or gifts, feeling so honored. Will contact tomorrow on birthday.”


“In my head, your words of wisdom ring so true. Thank you for being here for Confirmation of Spirit ~ it is truly delicious.”


“oh this is delicious, thank you!!!”




“Wow, wow, I am so thankful that I stumble upon your channel.  It has been an inspiration and guidance indeed!  I have not done a fast nor cleansing in a looong time but I would like to give this a try. I would like all the information so I could get started.  Thank you and blessings to you!!!”


“Thank u. It’s just so deep it touched my soul.”


“Thank you! Stayed up late last night to listen for Leo, so worth the wait! These are so well done, thanks for all of you time and effort. Blessings!”


“Thank you Erin, for all the information you put into these videos. They are AMAZING!!  Bless you!”


“Truly Profound Reading, Thank you :))”


“Thank you so much. This was the best!!!”


“Reading was Spot On,  Thank you for the further confirmation.”


“Resonated with this entirely! Love & Blessings 2 u )(“


“THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Wow, there are things I do need to let go of and forgive myself and heal so I can move forward.  I am working on it.  Thank you for the great reading.”


“You are a gift for insight and spot on! I look forward to the new “tools” you are working on. Thanks with a Hug!”


“Awesome, thank you!”


“You are absolutely fabulous. Everything you said about this time period resonates so strongly with what I have been going through. Your teaching is so very helpful to me. Thank you, thank you! Many blessings to you.”


“I enjoyed your holistic approach.”


“love the diversity in your readings! this reading is definitely Spot On… i was able to gain confidence to let go of my bf for whom ive known for 7 yrs. I have also felt a huge urge to focus on my desires and being authentically me.”


“Oh my goodness… I thought I was losing my mind…  Thank you for the clarity!!!!”


“Spot On! Thank you Erin for another Great, insightful video ! Look forward to watching them each month!! Love and Light !”


“You hit the nail on the head in so many ways…”


“This was the first video I saw today on YouTube and really what I needed to hear. Thank you :)”






“Oh, I am liking this! <3”


“Thank you so much for the reading.  Your message mentioned several things that I have been going through and really will help me to release my soul of some things that should make my journey much more healthy and joyful.  Your message also lets me know that I am not alone in feeling the way that I do.  Thank you again.  Lots of love!”


“Wow… this was fantastic! I’ve been in search for the longest time now to find answers and I am happy to have found your video, dear fellow Scorpio. 🙂 Thank you so much for bringing out and sharing your wisdom. All has been so accurate…”


“Everything you said is happening to me right now crazy how this stuff works.”


“I’ve stumbled across a treasure trove! Brilliant insights and unique format :)”


“You are an awesome soul. I find your videos and voice very soothing and insightful. I’m 26 and have been having challenges with my ex of 7 years since the middle of last year. I made an attempt to be friends with him recently and found my self re-living old hurt when the situation started reminding me that he doesn’t respect or value me which is a large part of why I walked away originally.. so I ended up telling him I don’t want to be in contact anymore- again. It’s really hard on my soul some days b/c I do really love him and care about him, but it hurts when it’s not reciprocated. I know it’s odd but I thought he was my soul mate. I had that gut feeling. I wanted to spend my life with him. I just want to heal and let it go for good because it has been exhausting mentally and physically. I’d really like to love again, and be loved and have a good relationship with a man. I’m also feeling the pressures of figuring out my true purpose.. and pressures to make changes. Everything you said resonated for me.”


“First of all, I again need to compliment your work, both content and art.  As we are moving into the new era, we will discover the so many gifts and creativity that lies in all of us.  As for finding directions, this has been a major theme for me as well.  At times, I also feel as (x) in the comment below.  The one thing I have been able to eliminate is frustration and only recently I am capable of letting go of control regardless how scary the circumstances are and let the ‘universe’ take over. Trusting and learning of how to let go of fear.  I have been tested on this  rather intensely in the past year.  And of course it is true what they say, “The Universe will do a much better job than your ego”. so let it go, trust, and ask for help from the place that really matters.  I agree of what you are saying about marketing never the less it was a good reminder for me to subscribe because I’ve been coming here every month without realizing that I have not subscribed to your channel yet.  It is now done.  Some times I get so immersed  that I even forget to like and share.  I’ve also came to the same realization as you have, those who need to hear your messages will find you.  While it is good to be aware and follow some of the practical suggestions of  social media practices, I believe that we all came here to work with different size of group of people. What is brilliant and graceful, regardless of the number of people we’ll interact with, abundance of all kinds will arrive in plenty. There is no competition in a fierce way that we have been taught to live our lives.  But there is a healthy and playful competition and as we evolve and get more aligned with life/universe we will understand how this playful competition works and how much more efficient, just, and satisfying it is.  Sorry for the longer comment, but you triggered many points in a good way! I truly look forward to your shorter video tools updates.  Thank you for bringing more tools to help us grow.”


“Exactly on point”


“This message actually made absolute sense to me. Thank you, you helped me to uncover something that has been troubling me for a very long time.”


“You are very genuine and it’s very refreshing. Thanks Erin”


“Thank you! That was wonderful, and so on point :)”


“I am a sensitive, your reading was Spot On . Been going within, just seems like it will never end, lol !  Thank you Erin !!”


“I love your website! You cover so many areas which I love because #1, they are all equally important to understand as you grow/actualize/evolve (whatever you want to call it), and #2, because so many people on you tube only cover one or two areas (like tarot and astrology for example) and are completely lacking the rest of the foundation. Love the Louis C K video too (he’s one of my favorites) and the pics on your fresh eyes page. Id never seen any of those before… pretty cool! And thank you for all that you put into your videos… I really enjoy them!”


“You ROCK!  That’s all I have to say.  Thank you for everything! :)”


“Thank you so much for sharing your guidance and wisdom!”


“You are Fantastic…!! Thanks for the great reading and insights. Namaste.”


“This was AWESOME! I had no idea that 8 was such a powerful number. Looking into the link about the archetypal stuff! Excellent intellectual communication. You have my respect!”


“Dear Erin, Your reading is marvelous – one of the best I’ve ever experienced – like a tapestry of the sign!”


“Wow, what a wonderful gift to receive on the 1st day on my New Beginning.  Thank You so much for your gift of knowledge and graceful seeing ability.  I related to what you shared.”


“Your videos and readings are SPECTACULAR!  Thank you!  :D”


“This is bang on. It’s the first time I’ve viewed this particular reading and I am astounded.  Thank you so very much!”


“I LOVED this. it is right on..I was thrilled to see the cards coming up about sexuality and sensuality and even Pan!! In my current relationship..these have all been suppressed and it’s time for endings and new beginnings and to allow passion and sensuality to once again live which may well be with someone new as I continue to release all things toxic in my life including relationships and all things which no longer serve me…I very much enjoyed your reading..thank you!! :)”


“I really love love love your language! You articulate the message SO well. I appreciate your expertise and style. Thank you!”


“I really love your in-depth readings that take into account several sources. Thank you !!!!!”


“Wow. I cannot tell you how spot on this is. I went on a journey a few years ago travelling to spiritual places in Greece and England. Just the other day I pulled up the photos & journal from that time, which I hope to turn into a book. Thank you :)”


“Great work!”


“Really like the various modes of wisdom and foresight into the beginning of this new year.  First time viewer and I truly enjoyed it.  I look forward to the “change,” and as a co-creator, I am grateful for your advice, encouragement and your willingness to share. May your New Year be exciting and prosperous, as well.” 


“wow this is incredible spot on… also, i was asking the Universe for the longest time, if it could grant me the power to heal with my hands. I keep on realizing, that I can calm down people when I touch them… but don’t know why…. how interresting that Isis shows up and the healing power card… Incredible. what a great reading – thank you very much!”


” Thank you for a beautiful reading!!”


“Thank you sooooo much for your wonderful gift! I read it immediately and I am so excited to find out so many mysterious and absolutely accurate ancient descriptions about myself! This is so empowering and inspiring!!! What you are doing (the alchemy of holism) is really great!!! Thank you so much!!!!!” – Ling Lai, Client


“Totally vibed with the Profile, goddess woman!  Especially about the Reed with the Celtic & Egyptian Thoth mythology.  I have always been told I would write – never really has seemed to manifest until more recently when I started channeling what will one day become a set of Tarot/Oracle cards.  Really wild how it is channeling in, and given my Native American “Snake” in the profile, it vibes with what a vedic teacher once said about my chart that I carried some Native American shamanic tradition that I would one day bring through!!  Then when I found out I have close to 20% Native American blood running through my veins (through an ethnic DNA test recently), it all MADE SENSE. What also fits are the profiles of independence that come up with Jyeshta, Fire Horse and 7 Lake…yep, that’d be me.  It all is reminding me that some of my biggest growth always comes on paths I find on my own in my own adventure …” – KJ, Client


“Thanks for the reading and the intuition and advice, very sound and helpful and encouraging. Am forever grateful! …It’s great when you have clarity and can laugh with it too. But seriously, your talents are real and frank. Love!!! …Thank you again for the wonderful reading, its amazing to talk to someone who connects well, reads well and can provide clear and guided advice. Awesome!!” Irene, Client


“Thank you so much for your help! Very insightful! Would recommend to anyone!! Def will be back!! Thank you!!!”  DM, Client

“Wowwww what a beautiful reading! Lots here and all resonated… it is very inspiring…Thank you, thank you…” Tracey Gendron, Creator of Astro Dream Advisor


“Thank you… dear Alchemist your timing is immaculate. Today I am born anew. Raw as a brand new baby…thanks for tuning into my soul. I am ready to live to my highest potential…With friends and wise ones, we journey together.” Billa Kgari, Founder of BioSpiritual Permaculture