The Holistic Story

The seeds for personal and collective health are dependent upon understanding the reality of Life as dynamic and alive. New “whole” stories are needed to re-Soul us more than ever.


STORIES – The stories we choose to believe become the stories we experience in our lived reality.

BELIEF – What we believe becomes how we see and perceive the world, and thus how life manifests in our experience.

REALITY – Our inner experience becomes our outer reality. Nothing is fixed: all is continually co-creating.

SEEDS – Re-creating reality is dependent on re-defining beliefs: this, done by seeding new thoughts with Whole Stories.

A holistic educational adventure, this story for 7 to 11 year-olds is seemingly a journey into The Great YEW but is really a journey into The Great YOU!

Science, ancient wisdom, myth, archetype, holistic knowing, nature, adventure, alchemy, and with an accompaniying experiential nature Gaia Activity Guide….This book is about a whole new way of seeing the world…and ourselves.

With a significant holistic educational component, this eBook is perfect for mindful parents as well as educators who want books to teach their children alongside delving into a magical fantasy story (or is it fantasy?!…).


Within the context of You, is the reality of Pure Potentiality

In other words, MAGIC.


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